Fat Gay Vegan

Venn Street Market is delighted to welcome Fat Gay Vegan to their already-acclaimed Clapham Common food market!









Since September 2018 the Fat Gay Vegan has taken a section of Venn Street Market showcasing some of the finest vegan street food in the capital with at least ten vegan stalls each Saturday.

The market is now bursting with a selection of amazing stalls such as Itis, Let’s Do Temaki, Red Tent and Temple of Seitan for your Saturday breakfast/lunch and dinner! There’s also fresh plant-based produce including homemade vegan cheeses from We Are Nut Kin every week, plus delicious vegan doughnuts from Vegan Food Pod and tasty nut and seed butter mixes from Jakes Boost!

There are also some amazingly talented ethically conscious makers and promoters such as Self Care Co who make clothing and natural soy candles using floral plants and herbs. Greener Habits encourage sustainable living with eco friendly and plastic free household items, toiletries and soaps!

“There is no street market in London more well-known or loved than Venn Street Market and there is nobody more famous for eating vegan food than me, so the creation of a Fat Gay Vegan section feels like a match made in foodie heaven.   

Sean O’Callaghan Award winning blogger, event planner, party host, activist, and author Fat Gay Vegan